What is Figma?

Figma is a collaborative design tool that simplifies the process of creating and prototyping digital designs. It provides a cloud-based platform for designers to collaborate in real-time, iterate designs, and create interactive prototypes, enhancing team productivity and efficiency.

What are the benefits of Figma?

Figma offers a collaborative design environment, real-time collaboration, and interactive prototyping, enabling designers to work efficiently, iterate designs, and create interactive prototypes with ease.

Is Figma a UI or UX tool?

Figma is a versatile design tool that primarily focuses on UI design, but it also has extensive capabilities for UX design.

Why use Figma instead of Photoshop?

Figma offers numerous advantages over Photoshop, particularly for modern design and collaboration needs. Figma is cloud-based, allowing real-time collaboration among team members on any platform with internet access, while Photoshop is more single-user and platform-specific. Figma's version control simplifies design iteration and sharing, and its prototyping capabilities streamline the design and testing of interactive user experiences. These attributes make Figma a preferred choice for UI/UX designers looking for a versatile and collaborative design tool.