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Develop Hard's engineers have consistently demonstrated their expertise in building robust, user-friendly applications. They have worked closely with our team to design and implement a cutting-edge recruitment management system that has streamlined our hiring processes, improved candidate experience, and enhanced collaboration among our HR staff.
Develop Hard has been a valuable partner in helping our startup accelerate its digital transformation. Their team of skilled engineers delivered high-quality software solutions that have streamlined our operations and enhanced our customer experience. We're extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend their services.
I've been supported by the talent at Develop Hard. Their front-end and back-end work seamlessly as a cohesive unit to deliver innovative software. They take the time to understand our needs and provide valuable insights that have helped us optimize our digital initiatives.
As a fast-growing startup in the logistics industry, we needed a technology partner that could keep up with our evolving needs. Develop Hard has consistently delivered software solutions that have streamlined our operations.
We were impressed by Develop Hard's deep understanding of the modular construction industry and their ability to translate our unique requirements into an ERP system. The seamless integration with our website has streamlined the entire customer journey, from quote generation to order fulfillment.
They helped us integrating automated testing before our management system launch. Their proactive approach and excellent technical skills have made them an excellent partner.

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TTS – Travel Services

TTS is a platform for searching, booking and purchasing flights, accommodations and packages for clients in Latin America.
Through a system of B2B alliances with airlines and hotels, it offers its customers the best prices and promotions.
The platform was designed to provide real-time pricing and availability information, allowing customers to quickly and easily compare options and make informed decisions. Advanced capabilities were implemented to help customers manage their travel plans according to their preferences and budget including the ability to receive price alerts.

React, Javascript, Redux, SASS, MaterialUI, Firebase

Cantoli & Asoc. RRHH – Recruitment Management System

RMS designed to simplify the recruitment process for both employers and candidates alike, ensuring a seamless experience from application to onboarding.
Employers can create job postings, screen resumes, schedule interviews, and collaborate with team members all within the RMS platform.
Candidates can easily apply for job openings, track their application status, and communicate with employers directly through the system.

React, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Docker, Jira Integration, Microservices

Rosario National University – Personnel Management System

Personnel and Veterinary Hospital management system for the National University of Rosario designed to streamline their administrative tasks, enhance client communication, and improve patient care.
A range of futures where implemented, including personnel management, appointment scheduling and medical records management. In addition, robust communication tools to improve client engagement and satisfawait action through a secure messaging system and appointment reminders.

React, Node.js, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Docker, Microservices

Logiteck – Transport Management System

Logiteck is a company that has decided to innovate in the logistics sector using modern technologies to provide flexible and competitive transportation and supply chain management services in Argentina.
The TMS simplify all aspects of their transportation operations, from planning and scheduling to dispatching and tracking. Designed to streamline the logistics processes, improve fleet management, and reduce costs.
A range of futures where implemented, including vehicle management, driver management and route optimization.

React, Node.js, MySQL, Docker

Promotores ODS (23 countries) – Online Course Management System

We provided to ODS automated course management, mass certificate sending and website.
Course management system designed to streamline their administrative tasks, enhance student engagement, and improve the overall learning experience including mass certificate sending and student enrollment.
The website was designed to provide information about the company and the courses they offer with a payment gateway to allow student to make secure payments online.

React, Node.js, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Docker, Moodle

Trylon – Warehouse Management System

Trylon is a company that provides services in the field of logistics and transportation in Paraguay. Their main conflict was the lack of a system that would allow them to manage the diverse inventory of their warehouses and review the collection circuits.
We provided them with a system that allows them to manage the inventory of their warehouses and control the collection circuits decreasing the time of the process.
In addition, we implemented reverse logistics management, which allows them to manage the return of products to their warehouses.

React, Node.js, MySQL, Docker

Box Rental – Enterprise Resource Planning

Box Rental is a company that provides rental services and sale of modular buildings, such as trailers, workshops and homes.
The system was designed to manage the production of modular buildings, from the creation of the order to the delivery of the product including management of all the business operations. Real-time stock information control was implemented, as well as the possibility of generating reports and statistics.
The system was integrated with the company's website to automate the process of creating new orders.

React, Node.js, MySQL, Docker


Fernando Stefano Maseda

Fernando Stefano Maseda

Front-end Engineer
Daniel Palacios

Daniel Palacios

Back-end Engineer
Matias Purita

Matías Purita

Platform Engineer
Martín Facciuto

Martín Facciuto

Full-Stack Engineer