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Partner Program

Our Process for Partners

We keep it simple

  • 01. Contact us

    Fill in the form and we will get in touch with you. We will schedule a call to discuss your project in detail.

  • 02. Project discussion

    We will discuss your project requirements, goals, and objectives. Our team will ask questions to understand your vision and expectations from the project.

  • 03. Proposal

    We will create a customized proposal that outlines the scope of work, timeline, and budget for your project. The proposal will also include a detailed project plan and a dedicated team structure.

  • 04. Contract and project kick-off

    Once you accept the proposal, we will provide a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of our services. Our team will start working on the project immediately, and you will receive regular updates on the progress.

We are convinced

Working with Develop Hard is working with a young family that grows up every day. We work remotely and always do teamwork! Some of our values are:

Continuous Improvement

We read, share experience and talks. We became better software engineers day after day and that is how we evolve.


We are proactive, authentic and deal with everyone with respect. We generate trust in our team and clients.

Goal Oriented

Excellence in the tasks that each one of us performs will lead us to a succesful result. We focus ourselves in the project goals without disregarding times and budget.


Our internal processes are simple. We focus on quality, agility and we adapt ourselves to the project.

Client First

Our work is to accomplish our client objetives. This is how we develop long-term relationships.


We are convinced that working remotely with clear objectives increases productivity and an excellent work-life balance.